Triple Filtration

Triple Filtration

We have a strong history with filtration: we were the first company to introduce built-in filtration in the UK and 30 years later we are still bringing innovative solutions to the industry.

As the industry progresses, we ensure that our fish friers meet today’s demands: High Efficiency pans are becoming more popular, so we had to address the fine carbon which they create.  Also with increasing oil prices, oil management is becoming of the most important factors you have to face in your business and for both of these reasons, we haven’t simply added extras to our filtration system; instead we have completely redesigned it from the ground up.

We don’t rely on a gravity fed system; our filtration mechanically drags the oil through three separate elements: a crumb filter, then a miroil bag, finally being pumped through a carbon pad removing even the finest elements of debris from the oil before returning it via a separate return pipe, back to the pan.  This system, unique to Florigo, is called Active Triple Filtration and is included as standard in all our ranges we design.

Our High Efficiency Pans

Our High Efficiency Pans

High Efficiency
With over 15 years’ experience of building High Efficiency pans, we set our standards very high: all our technology is around the pan, rather than through it, leaving you to free or basket fry without cumbersome heat exchangers in the way.

When you choose our High Efficiency pans, you know that you get the control you need regardless of the experience of the fryer: our burners alter according to the volume put in the pans, giving you a consistent product. And it’s not just us who rate our pans: in excess of 92% efficient, they have been approved and regulated by Gastec, the independent government body in Holland.

Don’t forget, we’re so confident in our pans and what they can do, we offer a no quibble 5 year pan warranty and we were the first company to do so.

Surprisingly AffordableOur Pans: Approved by Gastec
If you are planning to replace a chip shop range or expand on your business, make sure you give us a call.  As a “top end” manufacturer it is easy to assume that we will be expensive but you may be surprised if you give us the opportunity to quote.

Gas Savings
Buying a new fish range is a large commitment but investing in a Florigo can mean you will see massive gas savings.  For example one of our customers Alan Hawley from Hi Tide in Aylesbury saw a huge savings on his gas bills after buying a High Efficiency Florigo:

‘We’re reaping the benefits now: we’re saving on money with the High Efficiency pans. Our gas bills have been drastically cut: from £700 a month to £259!’

Over a 2 year period, this equates to over £10,000 in savings! And Alan didn’t just see a difference in his gas bills:

‘We’re also making significant savings on the amount of oil we buy: we used to get through 16-20 blocks a week with the old range and now we’re on 10-12 blocks, sometimes even less!’

Our PansTherefore any extra investment to install a High Efficiency Florigo range with built-in filtration pays for itself in the long term.

Excellent Technology
The technology inside a Florigo is one of the reasons that sets us apart from other brands: from our outstanding filtration to 15 years’ of experience in building HE pans, we have built up a reputation for outstanding engineering. Not forgetting the little finishing touches such as our mirror doors and glass covers on our hotbox, buying a Florigo means you buy the complete package.

FSL_Trenchers_Jan14_120-11 smallOur Team
When you buy a Florigo, you are buying from a vastly knowledgeable company with many years’ experience in building reliable frying ranges. We pride ourselves in our innovative technology and we strive to provide a fish and chip range that is perfectly suited to your fish and chip shop: to us, the layout and design is just as important as the consistency and output.

Whether you are completely new to the business and the site is a blank canvas or you are looking to replace your old fish and chip shop equipment, the first step we take is for one of our experts to come to your site and try and understand your needs as fully as possible. We aim to look at the complete picture: we may suggest placing the fryer in a different position to ease the production flow or to have a wall range instead of a counter so the customers have a clearer view of the great product you’re cooking. Whatever we suggest, you can be sure that we will never just replicate your current set up or give the easy option: we always advise on what is best for you.

And remember, at every stage of the process, the Florigo team is on hand to guide and advice: whether you have a query on planning, on a ventilation system or on shopfitting, we are always glad to offer our services.