Second Hand Ranges

We understand that a cost of a range is a large undertaking but when you buy a Florigo, you are investing in your business and in the long run a Florigo will save you money:

The Friar Way Range

The Friar Way Range

• Florigo’s High Efficiency-Plus system is over 90% efficient, which means that energy bills are cut by more than 50% (when compared with traditional fryers).
• The excellent filtration in the range means that you use less oil.
• The food produced will be of a consistently high standard.

Click here to read about one of our clients who thought about getting a second hand range but realised in the long run, it made more sense to buy new. Take a look at the picture to the right to see how good his new range looks!

Don’t forget, there are finance options available where you can lease a range: one of the most competitive and convenient ways a company can borrow money. Contact us for more information.

Trailer with Range For Sale

trailer 5 trailer 6 Trailor for sale trailer 4 trailer 3 Trailer 2

  • 27ft tri-axle trailer with dual gas interchange
  • 2 chip boxes at each end and 4 pan friers in middle island range
  • 3 Bain Marie in service section and coke fridge at each end
  • 5 Bain Marie in prep area next to a 3ft stainless griddle
  • A large gas hot water urn near the sink that has cold & water

    Price £55,000

If you are interested in purchasing this trailer please call Harry Niazi on 07956 465629.

If you are interested in a second hand range, please give us a call on 01527 592 000 to see what we have available.