Your frying range is at the core of your business and the means to set your fish and chip shop apart. We understand that when it comes to choosing the right frying range and equipment for your business, there’s a lot more to consider than size and specifications. Instead of simply asking you what type of equipment you’d like, the Florigo team take into account your space, menu, work flow and your company image and goals, helping to find you a bespoke frying range that can meet and surpass the needs of your customers.

Our key aim is to provide an individualised, customer-focused service whatever the size, layout and requirements of your shop. From catering for busy shops, small or large, to enhancing customer service, product presentation and environmental efficiency, Florigo offers a wide variety of fryer ranges suitable for different shaped spaces, the type of business and how much or what kind of frying is to be achieved. As a leading supplier, our fryers and equipment adopt the latest approved features and advancements to give you a modern, stylish and effective solution, for excellent long-lasting results.

All installations, maintenance and call outs are carried out by our in-house engineers, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your fish and chip fryer will get the level of care it needs to thrive in your shop.

There are several basic layouts to start from; click on each image to read the benefits of each style of frying range:




Florigo67703 (640x480)We focus on all aspects of the fish frier: not just on the type and layout of the pans but also, and just as important, on smaller design elements so your Florigo is completely tailored to your business.  Position of the controls, lighting, height of the fish range, tool boxes, size of Bain Maries are just some of the factors that can be adapted to suit your needs and brings a sharper edge to your chip shop fryer.  We have also lowered the frying range to improve communication between staff and customers and have finished it off with a sleek, tinted glass inlay so your range, the heart of your business, is as smart and sleek looking as can be!