Who are Florigo?

Florigo are a family-run factory based in Woerden, Netherlands who combine state-of-the-art design with the latest machinery, laser cutters and of course highly skilled craftsman. For over 50 years Florigo have successfully built reliable and industry leading frying ranges.  Installed all around the world, Florigo continually update and invest in their business so in turn their customers benefit from the most advanced technology.  Florigo have stayed at the top by making the customer the focal point in the whole process: by understanding the needs and requirements of each individual client, Florigo ensure that they deliver not just the best range available but the complete frying solution making us one of the most prestigious and efficient manufacturers available today. The UK office is based centrally in the Midlands for total UK coverage and deal with all enquiries, sales, installations, service, parts and back up. Our friendly and efficient team are available for enquiries Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm on 01527 592000 and for Service and Back-up we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week also on 01527 592000

What if I don’t know what range I want or need?

Many people are new to the industry and therefore are not equipped with the experience to know what range would work best for them.  By the same token, an existing business owner may want to make changes but not know what all of the viable options are. Our sales team are all experienced owners/operators themselves making them fully qualified to offer in depth advice from shop lay outs and production flow through to working procedures and additional equipment requirements. We are happy to help in all aspects in order to make your business as successful as it can be.

Can I get help with planning permission including odour and noise control?

Premises that have not been established as a commercial food outlet before will most likely be subjected to planning issues relating to odour and noise control particularly if you are situated in an urban area. It will be expected that the owner of the new premises undertakes an assessment in line with DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) guidelines in order to comply with regulations. This can be a daunting process for any new business owner with the risk of planning being refused. We are more than happy to assist our customers through this process. We can provide you with all of the relevant information you will need to submit with your planning application with the latest technology to eliminate odour and noise emissions alongside the frying range making us so much more than just another range supplier.

What are High Efficiency pans?

High Efficiency (HE) pans reduce your carbon footprint, save on frying medium (oil) and more importantly provide you with a healthy product for your customer.  Our experience with HE pans is second to none and the facts speak for themselves:

  • Our High Efficiency pans are in excess of 92% efficient.
  • They provide you with an outstanding recovery rate.
  • They will reduce your gas and oil usage, saving you money.
  • They have been approved regulated by Gastec, the independent government body in Holland.
  • Our High efficiency pans come with a no quibble 5-year pan warranty.

We have a wealth of experience in building High Efficiency pans: we have produced them for over 15 years. By investing in High Efficiency technology you will have pans that are able to recover at a rate of 1 degree every 6 seconds.  Our HE pans do not have heat exchangers in them which means all pans can be used for basket or free frying, whichever you personally prefer.

What is Active Triple Filtration?

We have a strong history with filtration: we were the first company to introduce built-in filtration in the UK and 30 years later we are still bringing innovative solutions to the industry.  With High Efficiency pans becoming the pan of choice, we had to address the fine carbon which they create.  Also with increasing oil prices, oil management is an important factor which you have to face in your business and for both of these reasons, we haven’t simply added extras to our filtration system; instead we have completely redesigned it from the ground up.

We don’t rely on a gravity fed system; our filtration mechanically drags the oil through three separate elements: a crumb filter, a miroil bag, and then finally the oil is pumped through a carbon pad removing even the finest elements of debris from the oil before returning it via a separate return pipe, back to the pan.  This system, unique to Florigo, is called Active Triple Filtration and is included as standard in all of the ranges we design. Take a look at the video on our homepage where our filtration system gets put to the test.

How much will a Florigo cost?

We do not have a standard price list for our ranges as they are all bespoke and made to order after being specifically designed for the premises they have been ordered for.  With so many modern features that can be added to your Florigo, it really is difficult to offer guide prices without understanding individual requirements. Florigo are a “Top of the Range” manufacturer and we are a firm believer that as with many things in life, you do get what you pay for. Why not give the office a call and get an idea of what a bespoke Florigo custom built range would cost for your business.

What Finance packages are available?

We offer very competitive leasing options through Complete Leasing Solutions who we have worked with for many years.  With a finance package, you can have a brand new, state of the art Florigo range complete with High Efficiency pans, built in Active Triple Filtration and pay for the range as you earn. Payments are 100% tax allowable, fixed for the duration of the term and will not affect existing credit lines. Stage payment deals are also available meaning there is no hefty deposit required. With the range probably being the most expensive item, spreading the cost makes perfect sense and you get what your business needs without delay.

Can I see a Florigo in action?

We understand that purchasing a frying range is a big commitment and we would not expect you to commit to investing in a product that you have not seen. We are more than happy to take prospective clients to existing Florigo customers where you can see a range in action and gain invaluable feed-back from customers who have been through the same process that you are considering with us. We also exhibit at selected events throughout the year where we have a Florigo range on display for customers to have a good look over and feel the metal as this is where you can truly understand the massive difference in build quality of a Florigo range. You can register your details with the office or follow us on social media to be kept informed of any events that we will be attending.

What is the lead time on a Florigo range?

Once you have made a commitment to purchase a Florigo, we will send in one of our in-house engineers to undertake a site survey. The site survey details will be confirmed to you along with the final range design and a full guide advising you of the processes that will take place from that point up until your new range is installed. This manufacturing process can take around 6/8 weeks. Installation of the range normally takes 2 days. We understand there are always exceptions and sometimes things are required a little quicker therefore we will always do whatever we can to fit in with your specific requirements. (Information based on UK sales and installation)

Will I receive training on my Florigo?

We want you to get the very best out of  your Florigo range, that is why we provide a day’s training with every range purchased and installed in the UK at no extra cost. All of our approved trainers are owners/operators that have worked on Florigo ranges for a considerable amount of time and are fully qualified in showing you how to get the very best out of your purchase. You will be provided with a full manual for the range and given clear instructions on how to clean it and keep it in the very best condition.  If you are new to the industry or you would just prefer further training, we are happy to discuss a longer training plan if required. (Information based on UK sales and installation)

Who will maintain my Florigo after installation?

We have an excellent service team in place to support our Florigo frying ranges which enables us to provide our customers with an excellent backup service.  Our highly skilled team of Gas Safe registered and COMCAT4 qualified in-house service engineers are all ready to provide you with service and quality that you can trust at every stage. Whether it’s an annual service to make sure your range is as finely tuned as it should be or in the unlikely event of a breakdown, our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fully stocked vans achieving a first fix rate of over 95%. Our engineers are also backed by friendly and knowledgeable support staff in the office.  You can contact our service department on 01527 592 000 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Information based on UK sales and installation)

Do Florigo offer service contracts?

If unexpected major repair bills are a concern, we offer a choice of three service contracts:- Pay as you go, Florigo Care and Florigo Total Care.  Each contract offers 3 different levels of cover allowing you to choose the best option for you. Having a service contract in place also ensures full compliance with gas safety regulations and insurance policy requirements without the risk of any nasty surprises. All work is carried out by our own engineers who have many years of experience on Florigo ranges and are factory trained so you can be sure of a high quality service. Please contact our service team for further information.